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First Things First

Where can I buy groceries? Where is the trash chute? Where can I put all the boxes I unpacked? Answers to these questions and everything you need to know your first day at Rittenhouse Claridge, below.

Take a Deep Breath. Everything You Need is Close at Hand.

Trash & Recycling

There is a trash chute and recycling bin on every floor located in the laundry room.

Grocery Store

The closest supermarket is Rittenhouse Market, at 1733 Spruce Street, an easy 5 minute walk away. Just turn left out of the building and left on Spruce Street (or ask the door attendant to send you in the right direction).

Box Disposal

Flatten your boxes and put them next to the recycling bin in the laundry room.

You've Got Mail

The Mailroom is in the lobby, just to the left of the Reception Desk.

Drop Us a Line

Need help or have feedback? Please contact us and let us know how we can help.